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I would like to start by telling you a little about myself and my business. My name is Kaye (AKA ‘The Dip Lady’) and I live in a small town in the Texas Panhandle with my fantastic husband, Don, and my two 4 legged children Sophia and Holly. Sophia and Holly are rescues that just stole my heart. My husband and I have been married for 30 plus years, and have raised six children.

Sophia–Executive Assistant #1
Holly—Executive Assistant #2







Our business is Texas Treasures. We carry gourmet dip mixes, soup mixes, no-bake pie mixes, frozen beverage mixes, etc…  We make all of these products by hand. We have a Texas state licensed commercial kitchen and we are FDA certified. We started this business over 13 years ago, as a fun side project. Our main business, at that time, was photography, and I worked managing various fast food restaurants. In 2008, I was injured in an extremely bad car accident and was unable to return to my previous employment. At this point, I realized that I needed a reason to make it through rehab and I poured my passion and energy into our business. To my complete surprise, the business was not only successful, but it exceeded our wildest dreams. This awesome endeavor allowed my husband to retire, and now, we travel, do craft shows and explore this wonderful world.

We want to welcome you to Thoughts, Ramblings, and Other Trivia. Check back often for more insights, specials, recipes, and other nonsense.

See you soon!

The Dip Lady